Roof Coating

What if you could protect your roof with a durable coating that would extend its useful life while reducing energy costs?

Good news—you can. Roof coating install over metal, modified bitumen, single-ply membrane, and built-up roof (BUR) systems. For many building owners, these coatings are an affordable way to protect the integrity of their low-slope roofs.

Roof Coating Benefits

Roof Protection: Roof coatings seal the roof surface, protecting it from rain and wind damage. The elastomers resist deterioration from dirt and dust accumulation.
Energy Efficiency: White is the most common color for elastomeric roof coating because it reduces thermal transfer by reflecting searing-hot sunrays away from the roof. This cool roof reflectivity lets your HVAC unit run less, saving you on utility bills and prolonging the life of the units.

Coating Cost: Roof Coatings cost substantially less than replacing the roof entirely. Budget-conscious facility owners can save money while extending the life of their roof up to 50 Years manufacturer warranty. Not only that the roof is an Elastomeric Coating, you can also choose a granulated colored walk way that is also of Elastomeric coating. This walkway eliminates the need for aggregates, any type of fasteners and is better implemented for fast and reliable performance.

Additionally, coatings provide a monolithic application that can form to irregular roof surfaces, as well as seal cracks and splits in the roof surface. Commercial Roof Coatings are also highly reflective, durable and have excellent weathering capabilities. Advanced liquid-applied acrylic systems can also restore metal roofs and can eliminate minor metal roof problems. Acrylic coatings are made from a high quality, aqueous acrylic polymer that cures to form a durable, continuous elastomeric membrane over the surface of your metal roof. Once applied, it forms a seamless, watertight seal over the entire roof, including vents, flashings and protrusions.

Quick Installation:

Elastomeric coatings go on quickly, meaning we won’t be hanging around your facility for weeks on end. We’re in. We’re out. You’re set.

LEED Credits:

Cool roofs that contain elastomers can help meet LEED, Energy Star and other energy code requirements.

Structural Benefits:

Elastomeric roof coatings do not add dead weight to the roof, so there is no detrimental effect to your building’s structure.
The rubber-like components of elastomeric coatings expand when warmed by the summer sun and they return to their original state as they cool down after sunset. This intrinsic “memory” reduces the risk of hardening and cracking, so your roof lasts longer.

Because these coatings reduce energy costs, you might qualify for a business tax incentive. Talk to your accountant to find out if installing elastomeric roof coating qualifies you for an energy rebate. Tax incentives further reduce the facility owner’s expense, making roof coating even more economical.

The demand for reflective roof coatings is surging, and Expedite Restoration is a leader in roof coating technology. We work with all the top roof-coating manufacturers, and we’re committed to helping our customers get the best roof protection possible for their investment dollar.

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