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Expedite Restoration brings you a comprehensive list of commercial roofing needs that are sure to cover your requirements for your Paterson area business. From new roof installation, to precision repairs and more, we deliver and experienced service based on expertise and knowledge of all things roof related. We have been in the roofing business for generations and our ability to deliver quality work at affordable prices is beyond compare. From the first beam to the last shingle, you can depend on Expedite Restoration for quality and longevity.

Professional Roofing Installations
Giving you the means to have the roof of your visions installed on your Paterson commercial property, Expedite Restoration brings you the service you can depend on. From free estimates, to available warranties, you can be sure that everything you need for your new roof can be delivered through our professional service. No matter the size, style, or roofing material of choice, you can be sure that Expedite Restoration has your needs covered. Don’t settle for second best, when our service brings you precision delivery at affordable prices all across the Paterson area.

Quality Repairs
Your ability to have precision repairs delivered at a moments notice is the goal of Expedite Restoration with our high quality roof repair service. You can be sure that your commercial roof will get the attention it needs by experienced professionals. We have been delivering quality roof work to the Paterson area for over twenty years, and have built a reputation as a company that delivers as promised, under deadline at a price point you can afford. Don’t put off roof repairs due to the inability to get the exact services you’re looking for, Expedite Restoration brings you precision, care, and affordable prices year round.

Roofing Material Expertise
No matter the material you choosing for your commercial roofing, you can be sure that we have the ability to deliver exceptional service. Expedite Restoration has been delivering quality roof services for decades, and our knowledge of various materials is extensive. From various forms of shingling, to tin, tar and gravel and more, you can be sure that we can deliver the high quality service you need. Our professionals are continuously trained across a wide variety of materials to ensure that we can give you the best quality workmanship the moment we step onto your Paterson property for quality roof work.

Various Roofing Services
Expedite Restoration brings you more than just installation and repair, and no matter the service or addition you seek for your Paterson commercial property, you can depend on us. From ice melting systems, crickets, ridge vents and more, we bring you the comprehensive list of roofing services that your company is looking for. For a complete list of the services we offer, we invite you to call into our offices at any point in our hours of operations to speak with one of our  knowledgeable and helpful associates to get your Paterson area commercial roofing needs tended to.

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