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Our areas of expertise are broad and encompassing, and one of which is our expert masonry service. Whether you’re building a new commercial location, or require assistance with your current stone work, you can expect the most professional and experienced service through Expedite Restoration. We have been delivering high quality masonry work to the New York area for well over two decades, and have built our reputation in the area on our quality service, and dedication to exceeding our clients expectation when it comes to our particular offerings.

Masonry Installation
When building a new commercial property, ensuring that your foundation and stone work are the highest quality will give you the best basis of support for your building. When choosing Expedite Restoration as your commercial masonry experts, you can be sure that we will bring you a foundational masonry offering that will have your commercial property putting it’s best foot forward on a strong foundation, and supporting stone work structure. When your commercial building needs the best stone support structure, then choosing a company with the certification and experience to do so is your best first step.

Masonry Repair
Throughout the life span of your masonry and stone work, you may find yourself in need of repairs, and when doing so, you want to ensure that your replacement work has the strength to uphold your commercial property for many more years. When seeking a professional company to bring you masonry repairs, ensuring that the services provided will bring you a seamless finish that will rival the initial installation in strength and dependability is key, and Expedite Restoration aims to bring you that service. Our repair service is one that can be relied upon to bring back the strength and security of your commercial property.

Styles and Choice
We have always dedicated ourselves at Expedite Restoration to bringing you the services you need, with the variety you’re looking for. We specialize in a number of different styles and aesthetical appeals when it comes to your commercial masonry needs, to ensure that you have an access to a wide variety of looks, styles, and feels when it comes to your property. We aim to bring you a finished product that matches what you envision when looking at your property in progress, and ensure that each undertaking is done with the highest level of professionalism.

Experienced and Certified
One of the key ingredients that we bring to your New York commercial property, is experience. We have been proudly serving our home city for well over twenty years in the commercial masonry field, and ensure that each project we undertake is done to the highest levels of quality and care. When you need a locally owned and operate commercial masonry offering that brings you a high level of experience, backed with various certifications in your needs, then Expedite Restoration is the company you need at your side. We proudly service our city, and deliver the highest quality workmanship to your property.

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