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We at Expedite Restoration have proudly served our home city of New York, NY for over 25 years, and through two generations have sought to bring a higher level of expectation when it comes to Restoration services in the area. We have seen the city we love grow bigger and better throughout our two generations in the area, and have had the pleasure of bringing our highly experienced and professional services into the mix as well. From the first endeavor our company has undertaken, we have only grown and become more proficient in order to fulfill all your needs when it comes to:

And much more. When choosing Expedite Restoration you are putting your trust and investment into a locally owned and operated company that only seek to beautify and fortify our city even more with the highest quality levels of commercial roofing, masonry and waterproofing. No matter the size of scale of the project you have in mind, you can be sure that we have the roster of experienced professionals to bring your vision to fruition in expedient and affordable fashion. We offer no obligation quotes for your project that will ensure that you have the access to service you’re looking for, at a price range you can live with. When you need premium level services, from a local company that works hard to earn and maintain your professional trust, then we invite you to call Expedite Restoration at your earliest convenience for more information.

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