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At Expedite Restoration you will find the services you need to bring professional, high grade waterproofing to your Newark based commercial property. We have worked with some of the most recognized businesses in the area to bring this quality service, and to protect the business buildings of many of your local area business partners. We bring you an attention to detail that has no rival as we ensure that your business is protected from the elements, and given the means to stand strong for years to come.

Effective Barrier
The interior of your commercial property isn’t nearly as durable against the elements as your exterior is, which is why it’s the first line of defence against wind, rain and other forces. If there are weak spots, or openings in the exterior of your business, then you find yourself in a precarious situation as water can make its way to these less sturdy areas. Expedite Restoration brings you a water tight solution as we use the highest quality products and years of know how to effectively seal any surface, to bring your business the protection it needs most.

Professional Material
From membrane to caulk, you can be sure that Expedite Restoration brings you a waterproofing solution that uses only the highest grade products from trusted producers. We have working contracts with the suppliers of the best waterproofing products out there, and have put them to the test over the years on hundreds of local Newark businesses. Our experienced professionals know these products inside and out, and know how best to make them work on your property. For a commercial waterproofing solution based on trust and reliability, we invite you to call into our offices at any time to find out more about this service.

All Surfaces
There are many possible avenues for water to make it’s way into your building, and ensuring that you have a proper seal across all surface areas is important to bring your business the best possible chance of standing up to the elements. We bring you a professional eye for detail that knows how to spot weak areas, and access points and to bring you a sealant solution that will give your business the strength it needs to stand up for ages. From windows, to masonry and more, you can be sure that we will have your building water tight.

Quality Finish
Any repair, or additional waterproofing service must be done in a way that doesn’t leave your building looking like it’s had work done. For particular window services, certain amounts of brick must be removed for a proper service, and without the right finish, this can leave a façade that looks like it’s been repaired. We aim to bring you a seamless and quality finish that will ensure that your commercial property looks uniform and beautiful after our services are complete. At Expedite Restoration we believe in quality finished processes, and will ensure that your commercial property looks great from start to finish.

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