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​Expedite Restoration is dedicated to bringing you top level services in the fields of masonry, Restoration, waterproofing, roofing, and more in a means that is not only affordable, but accountable. Our service quarantine to you begins the moment you call into our offices, as we bring you a first impression that is sure to resonate. We man our phone lines with the most professional and knowledgeable individuals who are there to bring you the information and bookings you seek when it comes to your next repair, remodelling or fresh project. We aim to bring you an initial service impression that gives you ease of access, by connecting you directly with an individual who can assist you, and not having you greeted with an electronic maze of options to navigate on your own.

Expedite Restoration is a company that prides itself on the relationships that we form with our client base, and this begins from the first point of contact. No matter the Restoration requirement you face when calling into our offices, you can be sure that we will give you easy and direct access to more information, and access to quick bookings for estimates, appraisals and more. We bring you the highest level of service professionals in the industry, from masons, to roofers, and even phone reception, to ensure that we set ourselves apart in the industry. When you need the highest quality workmanship, it’s time to pick up the phone and dial one of our New York or New Jersey office locations, depending on your location, for the best in the business.

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