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We would like to thank you for stopping by Expedite Restoration, your home for all your commercial roofing, waterproofing, and masonry needs. We have outlined over the next series of pages a hopeful demonstration of who we are as a company, and the value and quality we bring to your commercial property. Below you will find a brief overview of the services we offer, and the areas of expertise that deliver you across New York and New Jersey.

Who We Are

Expedite Restoration is a multi-generational, locally owned and operated Restoration company that aims and attempts to bring you more than you expect. From high quality services in the areas of waterproofing, roofing and masonry, to the various products and certifications we bring you. We are continually aiming to improve not only our services, but the comprehensive knowledge that we deliver across a multitude of materials and implementation. We continually educate our professionals on new and developing products to ensure that we deliver a service that is on the cutting edge of our areas of expertise, to ensure that you always have access to the latest and greatest products and services.

We have grown from a small family based business on the back of our hard work and dedication to our craft, and looking across the New York and New Jersey skyline you will see commercial properties that we have directly influenced with our services. We have proudly been allowed to grow and expand in this difficult market by adhering to our core qualities, and continually aiming to bring our clientele more than they bargain for. Through our expertise and affordable service, we have had the pleasure of growing alongside our home city, state, and neighbors.

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